About Us

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

I write this letter with great excitement and gratitude. What began as a simple idea to introduce students to health and public health articles written in non-technical jargon has evolved into a portal that envisions to unify and organize public health, thus making public health more accessible and transparent. It has been a long and challenging, but beautiful journey. This would not have been possible without the support of friends, family, former classmates and professors who share a common belief; that public health has the power to change the world.

It is indeed an essential time to be in public health. During the past few weeks, we have witnessed the importance of public health. Also, during the past few decades the field has escaped its limitations of workplace safety and hygiene and has developed innovative solutions to confront wicked problems in socially complex times. From healthier mothers and babies, to the control of infectious diseases, to declines in heart disease and stroke related deaths, the transformative powers of public health are obvious.  Yet, despite these achievements of public health, there remains a need for improved collaborative engagement and access to educational, scholarly and professional resources that contribute to professional development and the continued advancement of the field of public health.

I created the State of Public Health because I believe that an available resource network exclusive to the public health of Black and minority communities will  allow the field to tap into its unachieved potential and begin to make the necessary adjustments to create healthier, safer, and a more equitable global environment. As I embark on this journey, I am comforted to know that you are sharing the experience with me and share my commitment to advance public health and transform lives.

However, my team and I know this is only the beginning of the journey. Expect us to be proactive, creative and innovative.

Welcome to be the beginning of something special!


Christian H. Bijoux, MPH, MBA


Christian H. Bijoux, MPH, MBA


Our mission is to eliminate the tedium of vast interest searches for credible and accessible public health resources by unifying and centralizing public health.


Vladimir Cadet, MPH